about me

廣田(小山) 陽子


A Writer and Editor. I interviewed many health and beauty professionals in the medical and hair & make up fields in Tokyo. I’m now living in California,writing articles on health & beauty and introducing Japan to the latest and hottest trends in LA.


角川書店「TOKYO WALKER ムック」、昭文社のガイドブック「ま っぷるマガジン東京」をはじめ、情報誌、女性誌の編集を経て、祥伝社発行の健康美容雑誌「からだにいいこと」 の編集部に入社。健康、美容、ダイ エットをメインに、 ヘアカタログ、節約、人間関係などのテーマを担当。 7 年間在籍した後、2015年に渡米しフリーランスに。



(My Career)
I started my writing career as a travel writer for Tokyo Walker & Mapple Tokyo then joined the health and beauty world, sharing tips on anti-aging. I worked for Health Magazines for seven years, but now I’m a freelance writer. I also wrote numerous articles on how to be financially savvy and how to manage daily stress.

I soon realized that a lot of top health trends came from Los Angeles and that solidified my decision to move to California. I am currently a columnist for Yoga Journal online and a Japanese newspaper.